Kit McBride Gets a Wife by Amy Barry

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ISBN: 0593335570

I LOOOOOOOVED this book. One of my favorite movies is 7 brides for 7 brothers and this is reminiscent of the movie with a few changes that make it even more charming. Junebug is the youngest sister and only girl in a family of 5 who live in the big open frontier. She’s tired of being relegated to doing all the “womenly” chores and proceeds to find her favorite brother a wife. What ensues is a tale of mistaken identity, snowpocalypse, and a lot of hilarious banter. The relationships between the family and their found family makes this a laugh out loud read with a swoony romance as well. When Maddy, an Irish immigrant, lands in Montana she had no idea if her endless bad luck would finally turn. Kit McBride has never thought about a wife but when Maddy crash lands in front of him that all may change. I HIGHLY recommend for a fun ,swoony, wild west ride.